Who We Are

A group of highly skilled, experienced Italian craftsmen founded a co-op located in New York to mass produce wooden furniture. In just a few years SofaRoom became an important industry leader on the woodworking market.

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Our Team

Eva Adamson

Remodel Division Director

David Austin

Purchasing Manager

Natalie Barnes

Processing Supervisor

Mark Johnson



We have received many awards for our outstanding designs and craftsmanship. We are constantly thrilled that our industry peers regard us highly enough to honor us with the Award of Excellence or Remodeler of the Year awards. We have received more than 80 major remodeling awards through the years.



Building concepts, architectural influence, finishes, color and texture.


Budgeting, management, planning and

Building documents

Comprehensive construction plans and working shop drawings for millworks.


Experience Through our experience with all layers of construction we have a keen perspective on quality control.  Our team includes construction veterans with skills from administration to finishing. This team was handpicked and trained by leading experts in order to offer the homeowners the best possible experience.